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Audrey Reid Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on October 25, 2016

Audrey Reid a Gastronomical Chemist and founder of Imbibe Solutions, a local laboratory that conducts quality control testing for breweries and wineries. She has always been fascinated by the science and culture of food, which eventually led her to studying fermented beverages in grad school. Audrey never thought she would be an entrepreneur, but found passion in starting a small business like the many craftsmen she admired.

When Audrey moved to Charlottesville a few years ago, she quickly identified a market for a quality control laboratory; local breweries and wineries sought chemists who were capable of helping them ensure their desired tastes, textures, and overall customer experience was showcased in their products. Through conferences and interviews with local brewers and winemakers, it couldn't be clearer to Audrey that there was a lack of regional quality control laboratories that provided the kind of services that local alcohol makers desired. However, Audrey had an entrepreneurial mind to fill the need of the market and forged into the unfamiliar world of small business ownership.

Audrey participated in CIC’s Entrepreneurs Workshop in the Fall of 2015. She says that CIC’s weekly workshops, homework, and discussions helped her understand how to build a business step-by-step. She calls CIC’s Workshop “the best piecemeal, how-to program with high quality support." Moreover, she claims that the support she received and the network she built in CIC also significantly stimulated her growth as an entrepreneur. After graduating from CIC, she spent months building her start-up, Imbibe Solutions, from scratch. As of September 2016, Imbibe Solutions is open for business!

Audrey maintains connected with CIC through the CIC mentor program, which aims to provide CIC entrepreneurs opportunities to receive advice and support from seasoned professionals outside of the entrepreneur workshop. She says that the continued support from CIC and her mentor has been a huge motivation and credit to her success. Moving forward, Audrey would love to expand her business to include a wider range of services and to reach more clients throughout Virginia.