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Dana Goldsmith Volunteer Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on October 25, 2016

Dana is an experienced professional in the Internet software industry with a focus on the e-commerce space. She has been part of 6 start-up businesses within the e-commerce industry and spent thirteen years working with some of the most brilliant minds in Seattle and Silicon Valley. The fast-paced, challenging, and idea-generating environment within hi-tech fascinated her and enabled her to become an innovator and an entrepreneur.

Four years ago, In order to ease the transition from Silicon Valley to Charlottesville, Dana decided to fully immerse herself in the Charlottesville community.  Getting involved with a non-profit was on her “to do” list.  It was important to Dana to be able to apply her business knowledge and extensive start-up experience to the non-profit world.  CIC was a perfect fit.

Dana believes that small/local business is the key to a healthy economy. When she learned about Community Investment Collaborative from Toan Nguyen, a Charlottesville social entrepreneur and a co-founder of CIC, Dana decided to sit on CIC’s Board of Directors as the Treasurer. After three-and-half years as a board member, Dana still maintains the same level of passion for providing the necessary tools and resources to help Charlottesville entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Dana is a visionary, and by heart, an adventurous entrepreneur. She is excited to continue her journey with CIC. She feels that a big challenge for small business owners is learning how to build sustainable businesses. She envisions CIC expanding to serve “second stage entrepreneurs” – small business owners who have started a business and need assistance bringing it to the next level.  In addition to working with CIC, Dana is in the process of building her next start-up. She is passionate and excited about her next adventure.

Thank you, Dana, for your support of CIC!