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D’s Pretty Events Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on January 24, 2017

Delores Roberts, owner of D’s Pretty Events, is a professional event designer and planner specializing in elite wedding décor items for the sweetheart and cake tables. Her designs are made in her workroom and are crafted with an eye for detail and uniqueness. Delores has designed fashion shows and visual merchandising for a large retail chain, in addition to weddings and special events. She also hosts workshops on wedding design at local bridal shows.    

Delores explains that she started D’s Pretty Events because she loves entertaining, crafting, and interior decorating. She has over 20 years of experience in these areas. Before opening her event planning business, Delores was a professional window treatment fabricator. She feels that this comes in handy when draping backdrops. Delores claims that “When it came to designing for my own home or for a special event my taste did not always match my budget, therefore I started designing and creating my own designs”. Giving clients the ability to feel extra special when they come to their event is the foundation of D’s Pretty Events. Delores claims that “It’s all about my client’s vision and making them happy.  If they’re happy then my job is done”.

“CIC took me on the journey of what it takes to run a business”, explains Delores. She says that she feels it is now up to her to reach her destination. Delores is a graduate of the CIC Entrepreneurs Training Workshop, she claims that the workshop was a very valuable and eye-opening experience for her. She has changed her marketing strategy and business structure as a result. She says that she is now setting more realistic goals for her business. Delores advises other CIC entrepreneurs to stay the course. She says that CIC will show you what it takes to turn your vision into reality. We are all looking to do better, whether we are just opening our business or looking forward to growing our business.