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Fax Ayres Volunteer Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in Volunteer Profile on December 2, 2016

Fax Ayres is the president and owner of Angerole Mounts, a web-based company that serves pilots around the world by making mounting solutions for portable devices in planes. Growing up, Fax wanted to be a money manager and a pilot. He considers himself lucky that he realized both of these with his careers in finance and aviation. He has been a flight instructor for 25 years, and had operated his own school for a few years in Charlottesville called the Orion Flight Center. Following this venture, he moved on from teaching someone how to fly to a less formal instruction targeted towards experienced pilots who want to brush up on their skills.

A graduate from UVA’s Darden Business school and a former analyst for a mutual fund in New York, Fax has an extensive background in finance. In 2000, he moved to Charlottesville after taking a job as CFO of Monticello.

Apart from aviation and finance, Fax also enjoys photography. His interest particularly lies in photographic lightpainting, shooting in complete darkness with a flashlight, taking photos of still lifes and outdoor landscapes. His work may be found on his photography website, his work was recently featured in a solo exhibition in the UVA hospital.

His work with CIC began with an invitation from Wendy Brown to one event 4 years ago where he heard people speak about the mission of the organization. Fax explains that he has so far enjoyed his volunteering experience especially when he shares the excitement of his mentees’ new business ideas. He believes that the most valuable thing that he has helped his mentees with is analyzing their business finances and also asking probing questions that will keep them thinking about their goals for their businesses.

While he is busy running his company, Fax is also looking to apply his work as a mentor to expand business ventures related to aviation. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge in finance to help develop small business ideas that serve the industry.