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George Mackaronis Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on March 6, 2017

George Mackaronis is the owner of Greenstone Adventures, a business that plans multi-day backpacking trips for 7th-12th graders in central Virginia. George’s professional background in education and personal background as an avid outdoorsman led him to the concept of Greenstone Adventures, which he describes as “the perfect outlet for these passions.”

George is a graduate of CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop and a participant in the mentorship program. He says that “Greenstone Adventures and the prospect of youth backpacking trips inspires me, but the CIC network and support I have received take my motivation to a whole other level. Simply knowing there is an organization dedicated to the creating and running of small businesses gives me pride and confidence in the Charlottesville community, and in realizing my dream business.” “CIC has been invaluable this whole process...I came away from the course with all the necessary information and steps to starting Greenstone, and then was able to implement that knowledge on my own time.”

Ultimately, George hopes to use wilderness immersion trips “to provide youth with unforgettable, life-changing experiences. I want them to come back from a trip with confidence, amazement, and memories!” George is planning trips to a variety of geographic locations for Greenstone Adventures this year and in the future, he hopes to “incorporate other activities like rock climbing and canoeing.”

George would like to encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge and “openly embrace doubt, hardship, stress, and worry” as natural byproducts of the process.