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Hope Rana Volunteer Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Volunteer Profile on March 1, 2017

Hope Rana is the Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager for Bank of The James. Her work is centered on building relationships with businesses in Charlottesville and its surrounding areas. She has been in banking for 12 years and has been working specifically in commercial banking for the past 6 years. Hope is also a creative who maintains her own blog and performs spoken word poetry during her free time.

Apart from banking, Hope spends her time mentoring and training entrepreneurs. Shortly after graduating from the University of Virginia, she was selected by a local entrepreneur to work with a team and to be mentored in the network marketing industry. After finding success in this experience, she became a mentor to entrepreneurs and has continued doing so for 14 years now. She also volunteers for the Ishan Gala Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC), and CIC.

Hope says that she was immediately drawn to CIC because its mission of supporting entrepreneurs through training and financing aligns greatly with her interests. Years later, Hope still volunteers at CIC with the motivation of seeing small business grow and helping entrepreneurs to live their dreams. She enjoys volunteering because entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to gain real business experiences from her and other volunteers. Hope believes that the best advice she often gives to entrepreneurs is that they need to have the right association: to learn from a mentor, to surround themselves with people who encourage them and to stay away from those who plant a lot of doubt in their endeavors.

Thank you, Hope, for your support of CIC!