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Michael Latsko Volunteer Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in Volunteer Profile on June 22, 2017

Michael was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia where he studied English and attended law school. Michael then went on to practice corporate law in New York City before moving back to Charlottesville. Since then, he has spent 20 years in the private sector, working mostly with online professional publishing startups of various sizes and degrees of maturity. For the last five years, Michael has worked in Human Resources at the University of Virginia. Currently, he is working on HR organizational transformation, including major technology implementation.

Working with CIC, Michael serves as secretary on the board of directors. Michael feels that getting to know more about CIC operations, curriculum, donor base, and entrepreneurs has been fascinating. There are many good ideas, great energy, strong financial and community support for an incredibly worthwhile endeavor.

As someone who has been involved in a startup from almost the ground up, Michael has learned that it is important to leverage your social networks. As someone once quipped, “your network is your net worth.” He also advises to obsess about customers, not rivals, because customers buy your product. Their experience counts for everything. Next, pay attention to cash. Income statements and balance sheets are important, but they don’t pay the bills. And finally, practice resilience (the art of “bouncing back” because things will go wrong. Don’t give up; stay at it.

In addition to working with UVA and CIC, Michael moonlights as a church organist at Grace Church in Keswick. He started playing the organ about 40 years ago. Michael also deejays at the radio station WTJU (91.1FM) and has logged over 1,100 shows over the past 24 years. Michael has been married since 2015 to Cesar Dcroz, and they live in Belmont.

Thank you, Michael, for your support of CIC!