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Rosalba Valentino Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on May 1, 2017

Rosalba Valentino is the owner of Rosalba Couture. She creates custom bridal and formal gowns for women, as well as original one-of-a-kind pieces, all of which mix vintage goods with new textiles for unconventional and alluring effects. Her interest in fashion initially developed from watching Olympic skating, which she considers to be the earliest form of visual that she had of people moving in their clothing. She was very much in awe about how clothing emphasizes the way that skaters can train their bodies into moving the way that they do. During college, she worked part-time for a local fabric store where she learned how to better herself to the point where she put up her own designs in local stores.

The concept of her business comes from Rosalba’s desire of merging her artistic vision with fashion. When talking about her pieces, she explains that “it's not gallery work, but it’s also not mass produced, so it has to be the right body to wear it.” Because of this, she also has a unique market that she was able to identify during her time as a participant in CIC’s workshop. As she continues to create, her goals are to open up another location, promote her own designs and get a wider audience for her dresses.

At CIC, Rosalba learned how important it is to be social in her business, to do collaborative things with people, to network within and outside her field, and to show her customers appreciation. She also values the space that CIC creates where entrepreneurs are supportive of one another and where they can share their ideas and experiences without being judged.

Rosalba's advice to entrepreneurs and artists is to remember to be their own cheerleader even when it is easier to see failure than progress. She believes that the perseverance and courage to be self-employed are traits that entrepreneurs can give themselves credit for when things become difficult.