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Sabrina Feggans Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on April 3, 2017

Sabrina Feggans is the founder and driving force behind Beyond Fitness with Sabrina, a holistically healthy group program that, unsurprisingly, goes far beyond fitness. Her mission is to “motivate, inspire and empower others to make healthy choices one day at a time through staying active, working out together, meal planning and prepping, and engaging the community and our youth to embrace a healthier lifestyle.” The business was inspired by her combined love of people and fitness, and her commitment to both is rivaled only by her raw energy and enthusiasm.

Sabrina participated in the fall 2016 entrepreneur workshop and says her experience was “life changing” and “eye opening”. “There were so many questions that hadn’t crossed my mind before and CIC walked me through the appropriate steps to ensure my business was set up for success. The program is such an amazing and affordable way for entrepreneurs to be educated before venturing out as business owners.” She is thankful for ability to continue her relationship with CIC and grow her network, a facet of her business that Sabrina values both personally and professionally.

In fact, what makes Beyond Fitness with Sabrina so unique is its emphasis on connectedness. “We are a network of people who want to be healthy and want to do it together through support and encouragement,” Sabrina says. Her business incorporates each of its members into a community of other like-minded people so that they can “celebrate with one another on the great days and hold each other’s hands on those not so great days. So they can encourage each other to go work out when the priorities are piling up, or just have empathy and compassion when they want to eat that burger or fries because that’s just how bad their day went.” But, in that same space, Sabrina wants to “remind people that there is no option to stay down, only to forgive ourselves and press forward towards a better tomorrow.”

Sabrina would like to encourage other entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about starting their own businesses to “follow your passion, educate and believe in yourself – you would be amazed what you can do with the support of the community.  There are always people who are willing to help you succeed, you just have to get started and ask for the help.”