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TQ Evans Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on May 30, 2017

TQ Evans has a background in the Healthcare Technology field, and as the head of People Operations for a local software development company, she is able to pull from many years as a Human Resources professional to help her navigate through employee, law, policy and compliance matters, as it relates to her endeavors as an entrepreneur.

The idea for the Prende Pants, TQ’s business, came from her personal experience of giving natural birth to 3, nearly 9-pound baby boys. She desperately searched for products that would provide the much-needed support to her midsection to help her body heal and recover after birth. After spending hundreds of dollars on products that did not work, she decided to design her own solution. That is how the Prende Pants was born. Prende Pants are a Post Pregnancy Recovery Legging for new moms. What makes Prende Pants unique is that it combines the ancient art of belly-binding, a natural practice used since the beginning of time from women all over the world, with an everyday wardrobe staple item - the legging. A modern solution, to an age old problem. TQ is preparing to officially launch by the end of the year.

TQ graduated from CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop in January 2017 and mentions that “CIC gave me the fundamental skills to confidently build my business from the ground-up”. Prior to the workshop, she admits that she felt she had no idea how to launch a product or an idea. After graduating, she feels she not only has a roadmap for success, but also has a strong network of people that have been instrumental in helping her business become a reality. “Through CIC, I had access to people and networks that would have been very difficult to break through on my own. This was one of the most valuable resource that I received from CIC. The program helped me learn how to conduct market studies and ask the right questions to potential customers, to determine if I would have a viable business. I was also able to connect with local attorneys and professionals to learn how to legally protect my idea” states TQ.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" are words TQ lives by. To her, this means that entrepreneurs should commit to doing at least one thing for their business every week. She believes entrepreneurs will be surprised at how far they can get as a business owner by doing just one thing, consistently.

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