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Bev Ingram Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on January 2, 2018

Bev Ingram has possessed an entrepreneurial spirit since adolescence; starting ventures such as a jewelry business in India. After a life change, Bev decided to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains for four months. Since then she has explored how helpful it is to feel connected to nature. This process has been through personal discovery, mindfulness and body-based healing training, and completion of her ecotherapy certification.  

Go Into Nature focuses on healing and personal growth of adults through ecotherapy and nature-based wellness. Ecotherapy is a relatively unknown field on the East Coast, and Bev is ecstatic to be on the forefront.

Bev feels that CIC's Entrepreneur Workshop "taught her the practical side of having her own business.”  She feels she thrived off the diversity of CIC’s supportive atmosphere and speakers as it allowed her to clarify her purpose behind Go Into Nature. While in the workshop, she learned that her model needed to change and “CIC gave her the tools” to make those critical changes.

Bev feels that the support she received and is still receiving from CIC helped her take Go Into Nature to the next step. Through opening her business, she has learned that this also means opening yourself up to “personal growth and self-care.” She found her workgroup was a great place to be vulnerable and talk about difficult times of starting her business as other entrepreneurs were in the same place.  

In the future, Bev hopes to expand upon her individual mentoring clients, work with local businesses to promote nature programs and further her own programs such as Women in the Wild. Bev is very passionate about nature-based wellness and is excited to bring it to the people of Charlottesville.