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Jessica Hogan Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on September 19, 2018

     Jessica Hogan is the proud owner of FARMacy, a superfood smoothie delivery business that operates in Charlottesville, with the new addition of a Mexican Fusion food truck. Prior to starting FARMacy, Jessica went to nutrition school, where she graduated and realized that she wanted to help make people feel better about themselves. She was also raised in a healthy household, so that, being paired with nutrition school, really helped Jessica realize exactly what she could do for people.When Jessica saw a Facebook ad for a food truck, she took it as a new opportunity, and decided to take FARMacy to a new level with the help of her boyfriend, Gabino. With Gabino’s culinary skills and Jessica’s entrepreneurial skills, they worked together to take FARMacy to the next level. In terms of future goals, Jessica and Gabino already conquered the food truck, but are now looking to  eventually opening up their own restaurant.

     From CIC’s class, Jessica learned how to take an idea of a business, and turn it into a reality. CIC guided her in the processes of how to set everything up and how to run a business smoothly. Additionally, CIC provided Jessica with networking connections, and taught her how to make these networking connections on her own. Jessica advises other CIC entrepreneurs to soak up everything in class and be open to change and confident in yourself, because you never know where your next opportunity lies.

     Go check Jessica and Gabino’s business out here!