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Katie White Volunteer Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Volunteer Profile on October 3, 2017

Katie has been motivated to create change within her community from an early age.  As a public school teacher in Baltimore, Katie was placed in a socio-economically diverse school made up of both city and county students.  Subsequently, she moved with her family to Stoke-on-Trent, England and attended Law School.  With her law degree, Katie worked first as a Social Solicitor and later as an Executive Director within the public sector.  Following the 2008 economic crash, working in the public sector taught her that implementing a bottom-up approach is the best way to create economic change.

Ready to return to the United States, Katie moved to Charlottesville and worked with Habitat for Humanity as a Chief Partnership Officer.  It was in this role that reinforced her desire to help build “compassionate communities.”

In 2016, Katie learned about CIC from Co-Founder Wendy Brown and met several graduates from the Entrepreneur Workshop.  That December she applied to become a workgroup leader as the role melds several of her passions together.

Katie enjoys volunteering at CIC due to the active engagement and diversity of her workgroup.  She truly believes that blending together diverse groups is the impetus for creating widespread community change.  CIC’s model of “asset-based community development” allows for likeminded people to come together, learning “strategic business models that are specifically tailored to reach both tangible and intangible” goals.

Katie remains an active member of the community, through both CIC and her own work, in an effort to break down barriers and broaden community prosperity.

Thank you, Katie, for your continued support of CIC!