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Marga Odahowski Volunteer Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Volunteer Profile on February 1, 2018

Moving to Charlottesville after attending a local Dream Conference, Marga Odahowski served on the University of Virginia’s faculty as an Assistant Director for Health and Promotion as well as the Director of studies for the UVA’s International Residential College.  After 24 years of working for UVA, Marga now serves as a mindfulness consultant for professionals, has developed a book, The Way of the Hammock, and several mindfulness programs for all ages.

Marga was first introduced to a mindful lifestyle when attending the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point’s National Wellness Institute Conference.  Within the Charlottesville community, she has been active in both yoga and mindfulness as well has completed her mindfulness training. Marga believes that mindfulness is important as it provides individuals with additional skills to reach goals with added creativity and clarity.  This clarity can be further applied to create a happier wellbeing.

Marga is a graduate of CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop. Marga has volunteered with CIC as a participant on our Alumni Advisory Board. During her time with our Alumni Advisory Board, she helped to evaluate and design CIC’s programming to best suit entrepreneurs needs.

Marga believes that the key to being a successful entrepreneur is to practice a design thinking mindset and mindfulness. To future entrepreneurs in CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop, Marga recommends entrepreneurs connect with and form mentor relationships that will provide guidance and support.

Thank you, Marga, for your continued support of CIC!