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Michele Zehr Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on February 25, 2018

Michele Zehr is the founder of We2 and The Center for Earth Based Healing, which offers programs for survivors of sexual and domestic violence through the medium of ecotherapy. They offer three, free of charge, programs that work directly with survivors.

Early on in her career, Michele kept following what she thought she wanted to do but it never made her happy. In 2007, Michele decided to hike the Appalachian Trail which sparked the idea of founding her own business. In 2013 she started her first small business and later began We2 and The Center for Earth-Based Healing.

Michele connected to CIC through two alumni. Michele feels that, "CIC’s Entrepreneur Workshop was a great gift for me as during this time my business reached an impasse as I had gotten as far as I could alone, but needed support to take it further".  During the Entrepreneur Workshop, Michele focused on identifying who her nonprofit should target support towards. Through the CIC workshop, Michele explains that she learned about strategic business planning which enabled her to “understand the small pieces of running a business and how these pieces fit together into the big picture.”  One of her biggest takeaways from the workshop was learning to “be okay with sitting in uncertainty and being confronted by the unknown.”

Michele urges fellow entrepreneurs to “set your heart on fire,” not get attached to the way your business is currently structured and to not lose sight of its bigger vision. Michele believes that being in an environment that fosters entrepreneur support is paramount, as it connects you to fellow entrepreneurs who can understand your business struggles.

Michele is still actively involved with CIC and hopes to take on the role of Workgroup Leader in one of our future Entrepreneur Workshops. She recently received grant funding and is currently expanding her business. Congruently, Center for Earth-Based Healing just held their first annual silent auction in which Michele was able to make “helpful contacts.” Visit the Center for Earth Based Healing for more information.