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Nicole Hawker Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on November 3, 2017

Nicole decided to start her business Cville Health and Wellness when she recognized that a community need was not being met.  Before coming to Charlottesville, Nicole lived in Tennessee where she was a partner for an organization that provided community wellness information. Living in Charlottesville, Nicole saw that there needed to be a shift in the teaching of nutrition. From this, she realized that she could teach mothers about nutrition and exercise.  This initial thought has since evolved into Cville Health and Wellness.  Cville Health and Wellness “exists as a nonprofit that offers group fitness, personal training and nutrition counseling for individuals who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.”

Going through the CIC program has been Nicole’s greatest business achievement thus far. Being a Level One CrossFit Coach, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and having a master’s degree in Professional Counseling, Nicole knew what she wanted to teach but she needed help connecting her vision into a business.  Graduating from the workshop last spring, Nicole garnered the knowledge of how to run a successful business and form a professional network. She thrived under the program as she was able to receive weekly feedback on the work she had completed and specific information on what steps to take next. 

Last year Nicole decided that she wanted to change her business from for profit to a nonprofit model.  CIC helped her to facilitate this change with greater ease. From this process, Nicole advises other budding entrepreneurs to “not get discouraged if your business takes longer for formalize” but rather take the time and make changes if your current model does not fit with your vision.  In the future, Nicole hopes to have a standalone space for Cville Health and Wellness and “find partners who are interested in investing in others.”  Today you can find Cville Health and Wellness programs at community centers and local elementary schools.