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Elizabeth Raymond Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on October 3, 2017

Growing up in the Charlottesville area, Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Education from the University of Virginia.  At the same time she was finishing her degree, her family wanted to take their homemade veggie burger and bring it to market.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity and after networking with local restaurants and vendors, she realized that there was market demand. In 2010 NoBull Burger was born and in 2011 she opened their first commercial kitchen.  Since then the popularity of NoBull has skyrocketed.  Today it is sold by over 400 distributors, including 20 in New York City, and is prominent at Natural Product Conventions.  You can find NoBull Burger at several locations in Charlottesville including Bodo’s Bagels and Whole Foods.

Elizabeth and her family had to learn how to introduce new policies and overcome company growing pains.  Elizabeth decided to attend the CIC workshop this past fall as NoBull was approaching a turning point of reaching beyond the Mid-Atlantic.  Through outside speakers and guidance, CIC helped Elizabeth to gain new perspectives and implement new strategies including social media marketing.  Going through the Entrepreneur Workshop, Elizabeth learned how to “celebrate small victories,” solidified NoBull’s business structure, and develop a new business plan.  Within her workgroup, she learned that is okay to ask for help, as “together you get further” and appreciated the motivation and accountability from her group members.

Currently, her role within NoBull includes a bit of everything, however, she is focused on marketing, networking and preparing a pitch to investors.  In the future, Elizabeth hopes NoBull can transform into a national product through the help of investors. Elizabeth is still involved with CIC through Charlottesville’s Angel Network and has a desire to return to the program but as a mentor for other burgeoning entrepreneurs within the community.