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Seth Herman Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by CIC Admin in on April 5, 2018

Brought to Charlottesville for the music industry, Seth operated his own company for years.  While here, he noticed that there was a gap in the market as people desired to buy used outdoor gear but lacked an access point.  Inspired by this observation and passion for the outdoors, Seth and his wife decided to open High Tor Gear Exchange.  High Tor’s goal is to move towards more conscious consumption of products, closing the loop between who has a product and who needs it. 

Knowing that he wanted a store to bring customers face to face, Seth began looking for spaces.  In this search, he found a space near C’Ville Coffee and signed a lease that started six months later.  Acknowledging that he would need some help, Seth met with SCORE who later linked him with CIC.  CIC’s workshop was extremely important to Seth as all of the information was immediately relevant and could be readily applied. 

Seth believes that one of his biggest takeaways from the workshop was the network he formed.  Before High Tor, Seth operated a different company in Charlottesville but lacked any connections to fellow entrepreneurs and the city.  Through CIC, Seth was able to interact with both the city and the community members to foster a support network.  Additionally, CIC’s implementation of challenging your assumptions allowed him to take an idea and break it down into different ways of thinking.  This proved to be very beneficial for Seth when evaluating High Tor’s value proposition.       

To future CIC entrepreneurs, Seth urges you to “engage in the program as much as you can” and to never give up because “the amount of benefit and confidence that CIC will give you is astronomical.”  Lastly, “dive into every single workshop and assignment 110%, even if your businesses is not at a stage that is directly applicable” as everything CIC teaches will be of importance later down the road. 

In the future, Seth wants High Tor to continue to be a viable retail store and incorporate workshops to help adventurers learn new skills.  Seth hopes to continually bring benefit the community as seen by High Tor’s donation of 1% of all sales to Piedmont Environmental Council to support work with urban greenways.  High Tor is located on 1717 Allied Street you can visit their website

Congratulations, Seth, on all of your success!