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Thicket Entrepreneur Profile

Posted by Waverly Davis in Entrepreneur Profile on April 30, 2018

Rebecca Perea-Kane has always loved creating things with her hands. After college she began working for a series of designers in New York and Paris, gravitating towards jewelry design. In 2013 Becca moved to Charlottesville for graduate school at UVA and after graduating she started working for a jewelry company as their production manager. During this time she began working on her own jewelry designs and three years ago she developed Thicket.

Thicket is minimal jewelry inspired by the natural world. The jewelry is made from castings of botanical samples and other natural objects.The castings are essentially perfect replicas, in solid fine metal, of the original natural object.  Becca incorporates the castings into delicate jewelry that’s effortless to wear. Becca’s goal for Thicket is for it to engage in the question of what we buy and how it connects to our environmental impact. Part of this impact is in Thicket’s use of almost exclusively recycled sterling silver and recycled 14k gold. In the future, Becca hopes to work towards eventually using 100% recycled fine metals.

Becca first came into contact with CIC at a “Galentine’s Day” craft fair co-organized by a CIC alumna.  At this event, Becca met Waverly who mentioned that she was involved in an organization that helps local entrepreneurs. After hearing how CIC’s workshop benefited the alumna, Becca shortly applied.

Becca believes the CIC experience was invaluable as it “helped (her) to realize (her) business was finally at the point where (she) could make it (her) full time job as it gave (her) a tool set to feel confident in making that transition.” CIC helped Becca to recognize that when she is faced with a problem it makes more sense to ask for help as there are so many resources available. The biggest thing Becca learned from CIC was to think about the big picture as “knowing what I’m working towards makes it easier to work strategically, rather than just working really hard in all kinds of random directions.” After graduating, Becca has remained in contact with CIC as she is currently in a mentorship program and part of a monthly small business circle. 

In December, Becca took the leap and began working on Thicket full time. Moving forward she is excited “to see how Thicket can grow now that (she’s) able to give the business more time and attention.” Recently Thicket launched a jewelry recycling program in which people can send in their old jewelry to be recycled and receive a coupon towards Thicket pieces.  Becca’s next steps begin this summer in the iLab where she will be working on getting Thicket ready for a trade show.